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Burnt Bacon is a band made up of some well-known personalities from the Atlanta music scene. This means when you go to see them, friends from lots of popular bands might drop by to sit in for a few.

Though all four of these guys have other commitments and might be seen leading other projects with other bands or musicians, for all of them, Burnt Bacon is an ongoing labor of love.

When you go to see Burnt Bacon play, make sure to swing by the tip jar and say hello…you’ll never meet a nicer bunch of guys.


Jon Liebman – Harmonica and Vocals

Jon LiebmanJon knows what it takes to fire up a crowd. His voice can be warm and inviting or it might curl up into an aggressive sneer–you never know. He might be plaintively lamenting a lost love, he might be striking back at a cold, cruel world. But one thing is sure: when Jon sings a song, he is ready, willing and able to make it 100% his own.

When Jon plays harmonica, you might wonder if he had to sell his soul to come up with tones like that. It’s a legitimate question, and so far, Jon ain’t saying a word. Learn to enjoy the mystery.


Chris Uhler – Drums and Percussion

Chris UhlerChris strips away the ornament and provides the rock-steady meter that makes each song move. Whether he is slipping into a soft shuffle or ripping it out in cut-time, Chris offers only what each song needs, nothing more. It is his charm and helps to create the space that makes the sound of Burnt Bacon so unique.

Don’t be surprised if you see Chris strap on a washboard and pick up his spoons to click out a rhythm that starts the toes tapping…there is nothing he enjoys more. Except maybe free beer or a good smoke.


Oliver Wood – Guitar and Vocals

Oliver WoodOliver plays guitar with a unique style that hearkens many diverse influences. You can hear the chicken-scratch touch of Nashville pushed around by the lonely wail of the Mississippi Delta. Pick it up with a simple New Orleans funk-groove and blend in healthy doses of CharlieChristian-styled Jazz, and you’re getting closer.

Oliver’s vocal tone is simple and pure, encouraging you to focus more on his phrasing. His phrasing is also simple and pure, allowing you to focus on his grimaces.


Dave Roth – Bass and Vocals

Dave RothDave might be seen playing his trusty five string electric or just as often, he thumps away on his “doghouse” upright bass. Either way, you get bass lines that swing and rich bottom tones ready to fill up the room.

Dave’s singing has both power and depth, with just a touch of whiskey thrown in. Though there are many words you might use to accurately describe Dave, quiet is usually not going to be the first one that leaps to mind. Thankfully.



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