Burnt Bacon show in October!

I am getting psyched for the upcoming Burnt Bacon show, and luckily, have a ton of old home videos of them from 2008-2010 or so…

Here’s one I dug up, from a show back in June of 2009:

Ahhhhhh. That build to chaos, that only the Bacon does for me like this—I love these guys. I can’t wait.

Remember, it is Saturday, October 18th, and will fill up- get there early and stake a claim. Happy to sweat it out beside you.

Burnt Bacon is Coming – October 2014, one show only!!

Just an early prod here, as a reminder to those of us in Atlanta – October will see the only Burnt Bacon show of the Fall.

Saturday, October 18th at Blind Willie’s

The show starts at 9:30, and this one will definitely sell out, so get there early.

As a teaser to this gig coming up, I am gonna go thru my own home movies of older gigs, and drop some new clips into YouTube this month – we can share the 12 Days of Bacon leading up to the actual gig.

I am psyched personally, because I missed the Wood Brothers at the Variety Playhouse last month, because I messed up the date- so I am gonna hammer this one, so none of you suffer like I did.

See you at the show!!

Burnt Bacon Gigging

Hurry: Burnt Bacon TONIGHT at Blind Willie’s

Burnt Bacon is playing tonight at Blind Willie’s in Virginia Highlands- you definitely don’t want to miss it.

The images below, were of course once again shot by Vincent Tseng – and his work is appreciated.


Dave Roth of Burnt Bacon David Roth of Burnt Bacon Oliver Wood and Jon Liebman of Burnt Bacon Jon Liebman of Burnt Bacon  Oliver Wood and Jon Liebman of Burnt Bacon Oliver Wood of Burnt Bacon Oliver Wood of Burnt Bacon Chris Uhler of Burnt Bacon

The Show starts at 9:30, and it was PACKED last night, so get there early, and get ready to wiggle it.

This will be the last time these guys will be able to entertain us for a while, so trust me when I tell you: you need to get out and getcha a good dose of Burnt Bacon!!


Burnt Bacon at Blind Willies this weekend!

It is indeed a glorious thing: Burnt Bacon taking over Blind Willie’s for a weekend of musical mayhem sure to please.

burnt bacon at blind williesIf you have never been able to see the band before, there is no better time- the room will fill up quickly, and it with get downright swampy in there.

The fun starts at 9:30 on both Friday and Saturday nights…and we expect to see you there.